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Agimiri shpk is a global platform for flights and air technology, with a presence on all continents. Focused on offering the best possible flight content and air tech solutions to the consumer and any company facing the consumer. We work with airlines, technology companies, distribution systems, hotels and car rentals to give our customers as good an offer as possible. As our roots lie in technology, finding good technical partners to enhance our offer will always be of great interest to us.

Financial information

Travel and tourism–specific CRM solutions give businesses a customer database that enables agents and employees to track information related to their clients and customers.

Previous bookings

Using this information, travel agents and tourism companies can follow customers’ needs more effectively and respond in a timely manner. They can also understand customers’ history to provide more personalized service.

Complaint Management

Given the number of customers the travel and tourism industry services, there are times when complaints or issues are overlooked or fall through the cracks. Travel and tourism–specific CRM services allows companies to handle complaints and issues more effectively. Agents can track complaints, strategies implemented, progress, and issue resolution. In addition, the information stored in the CRM database allows agents to track recurrent issues so that companies can determine long-term solutions.

Additional Features

Travel and tourism CRM software contains additional features that help companies gain new customers

Support for multiple agents. Travel and tourism CRM software enables more than one agent to sign in at the same time, which ensures that staff can work more cohesively, sharing sources, knowledge, expertise, and information to better ensure that clients get exactly what they wanted: the perfect vacation.

Book It.

CRM software for the travel and tourism industry contains a booking component that agents can use to manage client booking more efficiently. In addition, agents manage bookings in real time and can access information from anywhere with a single system sign-in.CRM software gives travel agencies and tourism planning companies tools to increase the effectiveness of customer interactions, manage customer activity with easy editing, manage updates, and rely on a reliable client database. With a successful implementation of CRM software, travel and tourism business can help their clients see the world and take the vacations of their dreams.

Support when it’s needed.

When dealing with clients, technical issues are not only inconvenient but can be costly, so having help available when it’s needed is important. CRM software for the travel and tourism industry offers help desk services for troubleshooting and product support.

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Agimiri solutions designed for travel and tourism businesses offer such businesses three significant advantages:

  • A customer database
  • Brochure management
  • A way to manage customer complaints effectively